I’m an American, I’m a woman, I’m a “caucasian”. But I am a HUMAN first.

This is a message to myself just as much as it’s a plea with humanity.

School shootings, police violence, black lives matter, a heinous nightclub hate crime, marathon bombings, endless amounts vicious attacks based on race, orientation, religion. we take these things seriously, as we should. Everyone seems to be touched and pulled together in times of “ #prayfor….. “ Facebook feeds reeling, mainstream news constant coverage.

But where are we today? In this very moment as real mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sweet little babies, human beings are being tortured, murdered, massacred. No human should be exempt of the mercy, support, and love that NONE of us deserve. No medicine, no shelter, no hope. How are we ok with this? How are we so oblivious and numb? Why isn’t this being broadcasted left and right?

Because of what? distance? race? religion? The very issues we are fighting. I didn’t know these things were conditional. No mother deserve to see their innocent child slaughtered. If that happened here, the community would be mortified. Just for one. This is a massacre. How is it any less polarizing? How in the hell did we get here?  Before, we didn’t have the internet and media access like we do now. In the age of technology, IGNORANCE is a choice. There is no excuse– we are held accountable for doing NOTHING.

If you saw a baby girl about to be raped, tortured, bombed… wouldn’t you do whatever you could to save her? And if you couldn’t, wouldn’t you be sick with grief? There are hundreds of them! This is real. It’s happening right now. No hospitals to run to or shelter to gather hope. It’s happening as we lay in our warm beds and go to sleep tonight. We need to wake up.

I’m well aware that we can’t suit up and physically go pull people out of there but I guarantee each and every one of us could do something more than we are. Prayer cost nothing. Educating yourself and others is a privilege. Do your homework, don’t just read one article. Read many, from the U.S., Europe, China, Australia; as many as you can. Find the truth and don’t be led astray!  Spread the news that no one else will!

“Showing solidarity with Syrians and showing outrage for what is happening is really important,” Syrian medical activist Elise Baker told The WorldPost. “I feel that one of the things that has been missing in this conflict is significant outrage from American citizens or citizens from outside of Syria demanding action and saying this is unacceptable.”

I’m an American, I’m a woman, I’m a “caucasian”.

But I am a HUMAN first.

I am a body, mind, spirit, & soul before any other label we’ve created.

The fact that this is happening and just because it’s not on our own land (whatever that means) it isn’t the topic of mass disgust is what’s disgusting. I believe we are held accountable for what we know. I pray God has mercy on our souls that we know and turn our cheek. You may wash your blood soaked hands but the stains of apathy will always be present.

Pray for the humans of Aleppo as their reality is something even Hollywood could’t prove more gruesome or disturbing. I am so sorry we have failed you.

Pray for supernatural comfort and peace that only He could provide.

This informative & proactive webpage has great, easy to understand content in all facets of this crisis.



White helmet organization are pulling out people who are stuck under those buildings https://herofund.whitehelmets.org/donate/crowdfund?source=twwbty

Save the Children




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