I am going to try my very hardest to be as transparent as I can on this ‘biography’. I pour little pieces of me into my images, they will show you about who I am more than reading this paragraph might. This might get crazy but maybe that’s fitting. Who is this girl? Humanitarianism & entrepreneurship own my heart. I am a whole long list of living, breathing, dancing, & laughing contradictions. I am a devout, ethical Vegetarian with an intoxicating infatuation with the South. The Southern charm, sweet tea, & intimidating contentment will always lure me. I’m not fond of the word photographer, surprise surprise, I just love people. I feel there is a portion of my heart waiting to be picked up in almost every state, country, & continent. If I could compile a perfect description it would be a European sense of adventure, a Southern heart, & a West coast spirit. I bet you’ve never heard of a soul dog. Yep, I said it- Bella. She is my angel. Oh! & Writing, travel & farmer markets all go together right? Can we add a little champagne & a lot of event planning? It goes much deeper- this coincides with my faith. My heart breaks for those in need. Events. & mason jars. What else can this girl need? I often lay in bed at night inventing. Inventing this incredible machine. I see myself dumping every single desire, passion, & heart string into it (only a fraction braised on this page), as if I am making a delicious dessert. I turn on the machine & out pops a perfect, little, heart shaped cake- all of my deepest longings for a divine destiny- finally able to mingle in perfect harmony. Sometimes I think it would be easier if my dreams were able to be labeled, boxed up, & produced with a cookie cutter. But what’s so glamourous about easy? Give me an open aired jeep on a breezy morning, Country music playing, sea breeze blowing,on Island location due to my latest endeavor. Camera in hand. Glitter in stow. & a bright gem of Hope in my heart. Taking pictures for me isn’t about the title, it’s about not forgetting. When I was a little girl & people would ask me what I wanted for Christmas I would always say “A picture of everything I’ve done & of everyone I ever met” Looks like my wish came true. 


One thought on “Audra

  1. Hi. I left you a message a couple if weeks ago. I’m a friend of Jenna Hayes & wanted to know if you could do some portraits & then possibly done photos at our renewal ceremony on 11/15 at Pilgrim Chapel. Please let me know how to get in touch. Thank you. Lauri Summers 9132690127

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