Mama Meg n’ Mason

As my second shoot with this gorgeous duo is swiftly approaching I couldn’t help but reminisce on how stinkin’ adorable little Mason is! If there was a Mason theme calendar, honestly who couldn’t help buying it?! He is naturally so handsome & Megan has done an unbelievable job raising him.

Literally, can’t wait for our our upcoming session!
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3 generations + sunshine

Gosh. I’ve sat here for 10 minutes trying to think of a way to start this post. There is so much I love about this session. Three generations of absolutely beautiful, strong, & spirited ladies, what isn’t inspirational about it? Amanda, her mother, & her daughter truly transpose the essence of classic beauties. Don’t let the adorableness of little Bella completely fool you! She is just a ornery as she is gorgeous & I wouldn’t want it any other way. She was a firecracker running around the grass, riding giant flowers & causing us all to bust out into laughter throughout the session. The sunlight is truly their greatest accessory.

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The Hayes

This family. There is nothing not inspiring about the Hayes family. I am so thankful that I have been asked to take their family pictures since this family of 6 was just a family of 3 & a half! (Paxton was an infant so he just counts as half.) One of these days I will do a post showcasing a family portrait from each session so you can see all of the new additions & changes. One thing that hasn’t changed though is the boundless chemistry & love. We could NOT have asked for sweeter weather. The sun was shining but the breeze was cool on this gorgeous morning at Loose Park. The rose gardens were the perfect accessory to this stunning family.

Sometimes I forget how cool my job really is. Going into my client’s homes & seeing images that I’ve taken framed on their walls will never get old. Of course, Jenna took the adorable’ness up a notch! She has showcases of each one of her children surrounding the fireplace! Jake, Paxton, Bale, & Kate all have their letter and a cluster of pictures. In love. Each image brings a memory from that session back to my mind. (besides 2 pictures I didn’t take, but we won’t talk about those 😉 )


Meet the Hayes!

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Hello blog world!

It’s the silliest thing in the world to have waited years now to really start a photo blog! I can’t tell you how many times a week I have thought about it but wanted to wait until that perfect moment I could pay someone to make it perfect. PSH! Ain’t nobody got time for that! I am so excited to start learning more about how to make this blog super rad but until then the simplicity will work just fine. I have huge visions for the content of the “Audra’esque” blog from photography to lifestyle posts! Go ahead & snoop around. I will start with some category recaps & would love to interact with all of you!


xoxo, Audra